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Zhang Zhenyu / “Dust”

Aug 28, 2017 - Sep 12, 2017
art exhibition - zhang zhenyu / “dust”

In Zhang Zhenyu’s most recent series entitled Dust, the artist uses plain and locally sourced dust as medium, referring to the polluted environment in Beijing where the artist works. Zhang applies layers upon layer of dust onto the canvas, which turns into a mirror effect after weeks of intense polishing.

The works take on a metaphysical dimension, as the reflection of the viewers merges into the transformed dust of the work, achieving a poetic and Taoist allegory of our human existence. Without boundaries of time and space, through these vague mirrors, one feels like losing the innate ability of cognition to the real world.

The works look rather like a floating world filled with boundless uncertainty and a sense of solitude which makes us feel as if we live in a world of freedom where there is no limit of time and space. Looking at his works, one feels a kind of tranquility of the inner world of the artist achieved through reflection.

“Dust can be understood in various ways. With the rapid growth of society, dust is not just the dust that comes from the natural environment, it’s getting more complicated, and thus, it could symbolize droughts, disease and despair. What really counts is neither just my application of the dust nor the symbolization of a polluted environment, but the point is the concept of transformation. The question is, when we see ourselves in the mirror-like image which is made from dust, what do you think about it?”
Zhang Zhenyu.

Location of the Exhibition

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