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Nadín Ospina Vanity Fair Article November 2016

In the late 1990s, a rumour spread in the art world that the emerging Colombian artist Nadín Ospina (born in Bogotá in 1960) was going to have a groundbreaking show at the important New York gallery that had discovered Jean-Michel Basquiat, among...

Li Qing Vanity Fair Article November 2016

The day after seeing Li Qing’s work on my gallery director’s computer screen in Beijing in 2005, I found myself in his studio. A two-hour plane ride took me to Hangzhou, home to the China Academy of Art, from which Li graduated in 2006. At the time,...

The Lost Marilyn Monroe Nudes: Outtakes from Her Last On-Set Shoot Revealed in June’s V.F.

Featuring Artist Lawrence Schiller (b. 1936)
Vanity Fair

Dragon Boat Makes Waves at MTR Tuen Mun Station

Featuring Artist Zheng Lu (b. 1978)
Zheng Lu’s Permanent Installation at MTR, Hong Kong

Henry Hudson in Timeout Magazine, Beijing

Featuring Artist Henry Hudson (b. 1982)
Henry Hudson: British artist and master of the grotesque talks toilets, time capsules, human hair and high society.