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Fabien Fryns Fine Art

Maria Kreyn at The Chapel

Aug 17, 2018 - Aug 30, 2018
art exhibition - maria kreyn at the chapel

The works in this exhibition are meditations on the intersection of science and myth – of rationality and mysticism. They imagine a world of bent or uncertain space and time, in which the geometry of the natural world interests with an imagined geometry of an emotional dimension.
Investigating nature and its patterns, Kreyn relies on the idea that the movement and structure of our thoughts subtly mirrors the patterns and forms in the nature around us. Like water transforming from ice to river to cloud, our thoughts and sense of self take a shape, then dissolve and transform in an eternal cycle of phase shifts.

Maria Kreyn (b.1987) is a Russian born artist, educated in drawing at SORA (School of Representational Art), and at the University of Chicago (in mathematics and philosophy). Her works have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, and have traveled to several museums in China.
Sharply versed in the medium, Kreyn creates lavish canvases that reprises art-historical conventions to a subtly perplexing effect. Painted with the technical savvy and colour sensibility of Baroque and Renaissance masters, her work can be best described as a re-mix of familiar pictorial tropes and iconographies that communicate through a combination of allegory, masterfully rendered figures, and mysterious scenes which are neither of a specific time nor place. Formally, her paintings lean towards naturalistic illusionism, but the surfaces move softly in and out of definition, setting visceral brush strokes against highly defined passages. These competing velocities further the work’s enigmatic sensual stillness.

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