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Fabien Fryns Fine Art


A Stronghold Against Consumer Culture

May 24, 2007 - Apr 20, 2007
Da Xiang’s printed receipts are a record of everyday consumption and shopping. They carry details such as the time and place of the purchases, as well as the names and prices of the purchased items.

Chen Ying: The Movable Type

Sep 09, 2007 - Oct 09, 2007
As is well known that the typography has been ranked in four great inventions of ancient China, Chen Ying’s work The Movable Type shares some attributes with it—employment of drab tone associated with yellow mud, replacement of Chinese characters...

Xu Hualing: Eternal Beauty

Oct 14, 2007 - Nov 10, 2007
Still done on silk, on the tightly woven threads, Xu Hualing has painted all fantasies, all wild dreams from the times of being a young girl. Psychologically, she has secretively completed a personal wish.

Crouching Paper, Hidden Dragon

Apr 06, 2008 - May 18, 2008
Crouching Paper, Hidden Dragon offers viewers a chance to slow down and take in one of Chinese contemporary art’s most neglected art forms: works on paper. The exhibition provides us with no quick fixes here – no prints, for instance, or photography...

Multiple Realities

Aug 10, 2008 - Sep 20, 2008
Curated by Beijing-based art critic Maya Kóvskaya, “Multiple Realities” examines the rhizomatically recursive and polyvalent nature of the world in which we live, through the multidisciplinary art practices of 11 contemporary artists, using...