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Contemporary Art Expert

Cao Yingbin

Nov 14, 2009 - Feb 26, 2010
(b. )
art exhibition - cao yingbin

The solo exhibition is a selected survey of Cao Yingbin’ s artistic practice from the past few years. As a member of the 70s generation, Cao’s work is largely inspired by nostalgic memories of the 80s and 90s, as well as traditional Chinese culture. In some of his work, the characters, objects, scenes—such as the Monkey King, candy wrappers and nightly rides on an old bus—can be seen as seemly insignificant parts of China’s daily life back then; however, now when they make their reappearances in Cao’s work, the things are no longer as simple as they were, but rather what they represent—reflections of the transitional times and a society that underwent dramatic cultural and economic transformations. In Cao’s work, the subjects are not only memories but also witnesses of this change, nevertheless from the most ordinary and day-by-day point of view.