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Asia Now Paris 2017

Oct 18, 2017 - Oct 22, 2017
Lu Xinjian (b. 1977)
art exhibition - asia now paris 2017

ASIA NOW is the first « boutique » Art Fair in Paris and Europe dedicated to Contemporary Asian Art started in 2015 and has kept with its original objective with continuing exploring the emerging art scene.

Now in its third year ASIA NOW welcomes around thirty different Asian and Western galleries which are recognised as being influential in supporting and promoting contemporary artists from Asia at an International level.

Showcasing the value of contemporary artists from ten different countries from Japan to China, ASIA NOW asserts its commitment to deciphering the Asian art scene and its transformation and true nature.

ASIA NOW takes a fresh look at Asian contemporary art through a series of exhibitions and engaged, relevant conversation. The cultural dimension of the various events bear witness to the desire to give meaning to Asian contemporary art.

Fabien Fryns is pleased to be showing works of Ling Jian, Lu Xinjian, Zhang Zhenyu and Zhang Ji at Asia Now

Lu Xinjian
Reflections / Arc de Triomphe
Acrylic on canvas
143 x 103 cm

Arc-de-Triomphe-143-x-103-cm-716x1024 Asia Now Paris 2017

Where is ASIA NOW – Paris Asian Art Fair?

9 avenue Hoche
75008 Paris

Collectors preview

On 17th of October there will be a collection preview which is by invite only.

More Information at the link below