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Yang Liming



Yang Liming

1975: Born in Sichuan province, China
1999: BFA, Art College of Sichuan
Normal University
Yang Liming now lives and works in Beijing.

Solo Exhibitions:
2008: After Escaping from Reality: Yang Liming Solo Exhibition, Triumph Art Space, Beijing
2006: Space-Flowing Melody 2003-2005: Yang Liming Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, ChinaToday Gallery, Belgium
2006: Space-Flowing Melody 2005-2006: Yang Liming Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, Jia Art Gallery, Taiwan
2003: Space-Space: Oil Painting Solo Exhibition, Shan Gallery, Shanghai

Group Exhibitions:
2009: Lead Up: The Exhibition of the Chinese Fine Arts Critics' Nominations 2oo9, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing
2009: Awake Future: Post-Art Exhibition, La Celeste, Beijing
2009: Black and White, Found Museum, Beijing
2009: Milestones, Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta
2009: Remembering How the Air Shimmers, 1918 ArtSpace, Shanghai
2008: Gathering and Uniqueness, J.P Art Centre, Taiwan
2008: Art Basal Miami Beach, Miami
2008: Future Sky - Chinese Contemporary Young Artists Nominated Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2008: CIGE 2008, Beijing
2008: Towards the Post-Abstraction, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing
2008: Art Taipei 2008, Taiwan
2008: Art Beijing 2008, Beijing
2008: Chinese Situation contemporary art exhibition, Beijing
2007: ShContemporary 2007, Enric Navarra Gallery
2007: Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair, ChinaToday Gallery, Belgium
2007: Art Taipei 2007, Taiwan
2007: REWIND REMIX FAST-FORWARD: Chinese Contemporary Art Vernissage, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai
2007: In the Mood for Abstract, 1918 ArtSpace, Shanghai
2006: Melbourne Art Fair 2006, Australia
2006: Flowing Melody - In the Sky, Jia Art Gallery, Beijing
2006: Image and Abstraction, Liao Wen Studio, Beijing
2006: Red Gate's 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
2006: Bologna International Art Exposition, Italy
2006: Zen and Now: Inaugural Exhibition, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing
2006: Contemporary Abstract Art Exhibition, 3818 Gallery, Beijing
2005: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Brussels
2005: South-West: Selected artists from South-West China,
ChinaToday Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2005: Lineart, ChinaToday Gallery, Ghent, Belgium
2005: Ink, Wash and Emotion, BIAC Exhibition Center, Beijing
2005: The Itinerant Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Living in Chengdu Exhibition, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
2005: Seriousness, Funniess: E.J Art Space Opening Exhibition, Beijing
2005: Feeling Abstraction, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai
2004: Presentation: the Personal Exhibition of Yang Liming and Shi Jindian,
Chengdu Art Now Center, Chengdu
2004: 2004 in Chengdu Contemporary Art Exhibition, Blue Roof Art Center, Chengdu
2004: New Experience Images, International Exhibition Center, Shanghai
2003: Chengdu Oil Painting Exhibition, Sichuan Fine Arts Gallery, Chengdu
2002: Shanghai 6th Art Exposition, Shanghai
2002: Poetic Feelings, Poetic Meanings: Exhibition on Abstract Paintings, Chenfan Gallery, Shanghai
1999: The 9th National Fine Arts Exhibition, Sichuan Fine Arts Gallery, Chengdu


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